Nursery is basically where your child received their very first educational experience apart from what they learn at their homes. Therefore, it is highly important that they learn the right content here rather than learning later as children can be moulded into good citizens at a younger age. Correcting a person’s mistakes is much easier at a younger age than it is at their youth or older ages. This is why, the place that you pick for them to be educated too plays a vital role in their lives. So, what should you as a responsible parent look for in a nursery?

Good nurturing

You are always caring towards your child that sometimes you do not want to be strict in any way. Yes, it is true that being too strict may be quite a disadvantage but that does meant that you should not correct their mistakes. Some children need to be told sternly on what is right and wrong and some people refuse to do so due to the fear of hurting the child. But when do you expect to teach them these life lessons? This is where their nurseries play a huge role int heir life where they will be taught what is right from wrong and will make sure that they will not behave in inacceptable manners in public. 

A good learning environment

Some places can be found as a whole foods daycare centre which will offer you a complete package. These nurseries/day cares are specially built for children whose parents are employed. These places will even provide with the necessary meals when you pay a certain additional amount. Not only that, your child will be able to handle a whole new learning experience which is academically, artistically and physically rich.


This is perhaps the most important factor that you expect from your child’s preschool Onehunga. It is fair enough as a caring parent that you are most concerned on this factor as your child’s health and wellbeing will be the most important thing in your life until they grow in to young men and women. Do sufficient research and ask from your family and friends for recommendations on nurseries that provide your child with the maximum security possible.

Love and care

What you show the child is what they learn. If the caretakers at the day care tend to be rude to the child, it is most likely that the child too will adapt to these qualities and become quite rock hard in their qualities. Therefore, make sure that you child will not become a victim of such treatment as you take care of him/her with much love at home.

Everyone deserves love and care!