Due to the industrial revolution and rapid development in technology, Britain was ahead of all the countries in almost every aspect of knowledge. This includes education as well. British education was considered the best at that era where no other country could compete with them to gain advantage of it. But times have changed now and so has competition. There are countries that have been able to compete with the once mighty Great Britain through gaining independence.

Inside school environment
The education system in Asia, especially South Asia is much different from what it is in Europe. While children will be seated in rows unlike in British schools, they will be banned to use calculators and arithmetical tables will be required to be memorized by them. You would most definitely prefer a British based education by seeing the above mentioned facts. However, in Asian schools studies are mostly centred on the teacher or lecturer whoever is teaching while in Western education children are given the opportunity to explore and discover things rather than being spoon fed on every single fact.

Concept based or definition based?
The main difference between Britain and Asian education is that while Asians tend to be definition based, the British are more driven by concepts. That is, in Asian education students are forced to memorize all definitions and are expected to write them down at the examination. Yet, in Europe, if a student has the ability to explain an answer using the basic concept without having the definition memorized, it will be sufficient for her/him to attain marks, even if it’s an international school Bangkok fees paying institution that offers British education based in British international school in Thailand or any other Asian country, know more here.

Examination results
If you are an Asian you’d know the embarrassment of your marks or final examination results being read out in front of the whole class or having to see them on a notice board which is displayed at a location accessible to everyone. Unlike this method, the British send results in a more private manner to students in order to avoid any unnecessary mental breakdowns. For instance, if it is an international school Bangkok fees will be charged according to the British, and just as the payment is done in that manner so will the rest including receipt of examination results being sent privately unlike in the local education system.

Study at ease
You will have the opportunity of exploring more resources in order to proceed with your studies if you are receiving British education in Britain itself or even in your home country in a university affiliated with them. This is because even if it is a foreign student, the standards will be the same whichever country the degree is offered in. Therefore, make the best choice and build a better future for yourself. For more info about international school Bangkok fees, visit