Driving can be fun, but that happens when you are perfect in driving. Everyone starts to learn driving at some stage of their lives and the first lesson of driving off course make the learners nervous as they had never gained the experience of driving. After they learn driving they enjoy it the most.
In this article we will gain some knowledge about first lessons of driving and what to do with your first lesson of driving to know how to go about it. What will your instructor expect from you and where you should be at the end of the lessons?

For example, we can assume that you got the right driving instructor and you are ready to learn. Once you book your lessons with a driving school, they send a pick up from your school, home or college. Some instructor might often ask you to get the provisional license for driving to make sure legally you can drive. Well, where would your first lesson start and the duration of the lesson, solely depends on the area you start to learn and your instructor who is guiding you.

After picking you, the driver will check your provisional license for driving and then would take you to a quiet place and then ask you to be seated in the passenger seat. During the first lesson he will guide you while driving and tell you the basic functions of the parts of the vehicle like gear, clutch brake, steering etc.,

Cockpit Drill

After you reach to a quiet place, the driver will ask you to sit in the driver’s seat and explain you about cockpit drill. The instructor will explain you about cockpit drill where he will tell you about safety procedures and functions of pedals, lever etc.

During your first lesson you may or may not drive as it depends on the duration of the lesson. First lesson ideally lasts for 2 hours and maybe after you understood the basic functions of the vehicle and before teaching you how to drive in the next sessions, your instructor might tell you to start and stop the car. This process slowly helps you gain confidence and slight control over the functions. During the process of moving and stopping the car the instructor will tell you about

• Moving off- basic of gears, getting ready

• Clutch control

• When to give signals while moving and driving

• When and how to change gears – techniques including the speeds and when and how to change reverse gear.

• Stopping process (car) – brake & clutch covering techniques are explained.

This is the time when learners get nervous and confused till the time they get used to getting acquainted with the driving techniques.