In today’s world things are more complicated than it was in our time this is because people make things more complicated like when we were kids, we don’t need any pre or right early learning centre and we are just fine, without any problem have completed schooling and successfully take our life somewhere but these days I saw so many mothers wondering about pre schooling the kids of age less than three years, though it was limit of four years in the schools that before 4 years children’s can’t be in the schools but today I saw so many kids in the school at the age of 2, and this trend is getting so common that the one who don’t go to preschool people start asking this to mothers, but the question is do kids really need pre-schooling? 

According to the research it is seen that kids who go to the lane cove preschool and who don’t go to the schools are almost on the same pitch, it depending upon the parents which path they choose these days the more the child is intelligent or quick picker send to the schools and mothers usually say this it’s because they are quick learners but that can’t be criteria if a kid is quick learner than he is able to learn things at homes as well why he need to go to preschool, in previous days pre-schooling and day cares are specifically for working mothers but today we saw almost every mother adopting the trend, there are so many disadvantages as well when kid go to the schools whereas the pros can be happen at home as well or should I say much better than schooling. What parents mostly ignore is the environment in which they send their kids and at what age, 2 years or less than 3 years is the age on which kids sometimes don’t know how to speak or tell their things properly at that age they get mingle with other kids who belong to different culture and upbringing.

Affording preschools charges are not that easy they charge really high and parents are so in competition with others that whether they can afford it or not they want to send their kids to schools, though technology is so developed that children can now learn and educate thorough channels which are specifically for kids, that have all the nursery poems and alphabets which these schools want the kid to learn will able to learn at home, there are so many different ipad’s available in the market which are specially for children. In preschool whatever child will learn a mother will be unaware and once she get to know it might be too late because at this stage kids just learn what they see, they are quick adopter and at the very initial moment they are not being stop by the mother they never listen again.