If you are getting ready with your baby on his/her first day to school after kindergarten, then surely you must be rally anxious about this great milestone of their life. It’s not just the physical preparations we are talking about but also about the emotional ways as well. So, take a look on the overlooked sides of preparing your little one for their first day at school.

Take them on a tour to the school
Whenever you are going to meet with the principal or school teacher, take your little one with you as well. You would love to hear all those “oohs” and “aahs” from them expressing their awe and enthusiasm. Little things like this can trigger likeliness in coming to school and learning their skills. Also don’t forget to show them the school playground, stage and studios. They would also feel even more excited when they look around to see the older kids running about the playgrounds and in the school.

Uniform shopping
Many schools have their own set of uniforms and each student is supposed to wear them to school during school hours. Some also change their uniforms for different seasons. Remember Hogwarts had different robes for houses? Likewise, some schools have their own methods when it comes to this whether it’s a trusted DSS School or a public one. So, take your kid for uniform shopping and make sure you start it several weeks before so they would be fit for the measurements. Buying their new school uniforms and books, pencils, bags would really make them look forward for the day.

The many benefits from tags and labels
One of the main reasons why you need to use tags and labels on your kid’s uniforms, belongings and even shoes because there are so many chances when they can come home with other’s belongings. For an example, the same shoe designs and brand can be worn by other kids as well. So, your kid can wear another’s accidently and come home. Things like this often happen when they are small so it’s your duty to look into it as well. For this, you can write their names with permanent ink on their belongings or simply put on tags. By this you can ensure that they are safe from germs and skin diseases.

Teach them good manners
From their childhood, it’s important that they learn all manners that are intended. From brushing their mounts to hand washing, things like this can be greatly helpful for them and you. Before they go to school, teach them to talk politely and respond to their teachers effectively. Even when they are with friends in their age, it’s important that they talk and smile them. True that they would be shy for the first few weeks, but with time they will. So, encourage them to keep up their communication skills to the best.