Driving may seem all easy but you have to make sure you always drive safe on the road. There are certain things you might need to understand and follow some rules when you are on the road driving. One of the main rule is not to drink and drive. Since its definitely not rocket science to not understand it. Since a lot of people tend to operate their card while they are under the influence of alcohol. According to certain reports there so many people who have lost their lives due to drink & drive. There are many reasons why you have to give up on drink & drive. Below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t operate your car when you are under the influence of alcohol.

You could end up in jail

No would want to end up in the jail and don’t event want to think about being in a jail. Since for a lot people being end up in a jail can be haunting and something they can hardly imagine. But incase if you are caught drink and driving . Going to the jail is one of the main things that will happen to you. However, there are many behavior change programs in Melbourne around to help you out incase if you are caught drinking and driving. Incase if you cause any harm to anyone while you are under alcohol. For an example, hit another person and cause a proper damage. The jail time can be longer than you would imagine. Incase if you cause any kind of fatality you could end up being in the jail for years.

You may lose your job and the license

It takes quite a bit of a time to get a good job and settle and then buy a car and get a professional license. Imagine losing all that in one day just because you were drunk and you operated the car? In most of the professions, if they get caught drinking and driving, it’s a crime to result in getting terminated from the employer or revocation of your driving license. This is mostly if you are in a good position in a prestige company, or if you are working under a government job, you are most likely to lose your job and the license. There are programs such as behavior change program drink driving from Drink Drive Assist for people to attend if they are under alcohol addiction.

You will have to pay large fines and fees

One of the other major thing you will have to face apart from losing your job and the license is the fines and fees you have to pay after the damage has been caused. The fees and the fines can be huge. So do not expect to pay cheap fines.