replaced at every 3 months or even less. Also, pay attention to the cleaning solution, since it has an expiry date too. When it comes to specific uses, always keep contact lenses away from fumes, vapors or other substances. For instance, a lot of people go swim with their contacts. Even if you are just hanging around the seaside without planning to swim, it is wiser to just let the lenses at home. You never know when someone might splash you. All the substances and particles in water may stick to them, especially if the water is salty. Last, but not least, always respect the appointments scheduled by your specialist doctor. They will inspect both lenses and your eyes to ensure that they are safe to use and still in a good shape.
Tips For A Perfect Wear Of Contact Lenses – Common Things You Should Never Do No matter how professional some Freshkon contact lenses might be or how advanced the Acuvue moist lenses can get, maintenance and care will always be a main priority for every user. Surprisingly enough, plenty of newbies have no clue how to maintain their lenses in the best possible shape. They are unable to follow their doctor’s instructions and even if they do, doctors do not always provide all kinds of small details. Sometimes, it takes a little extra research for a good final result too. So what are the things that you should never do? What are the most common mistakes beginners make? Things you should never do to your contact lensesNothing but your eye, clean finger index or storage solution should get in touch with contact lenses. No one respects this rule, yet it is imperative. Washing lenses with soaps is a terrible mistake. At the same time, applying lenses and makeup must be carefully done. Whether you do it before or after makeup, lens installation requires special attention, also see this Focus Dailies contact lenses online. Cosmetics are mostly based on chemicals, which you clearly do not want in your eyes. The tip of lens care solution bottles must never get in touch with anything at all, not even your clean finger or the actual lenses. The same goes for the lid. You want this area to be virgin and fresh or bacterias will invade the entire bottle. From the exact same point of view, reusing lens care solution is just like inviting microorganisms into your eyes with an open door. These solutions get naturally infested when the lenses go in, hence the necessity to disinfect the case regularly. Reusing the solution makes the entire process in vain.
Never attempt to maintain your lenses in a good shape with all kinds of apparently clean and clear products. For example, eye drops look sterile and clean, but those are actual medications, which means that they do have side effects – whether they are obvious or not. Once into your eyes, they will not necessarily provide too much comfort. Contact lenses must not be worn in harmful environments. It makes no difference if you are on a trip or at work. If there are irritating fumes or vapors around, you should just take them off or not even apply them in the first place. With these ideas in mind, you are less likely to find firemen with lenses. There are other harmful environments too, such as medical facilities or chemical factories. Swapping contact lenses with random people or even your best friend or a first grade relative is a terrible idea. Once again, you are practically sharing bacterias with someone else. No doctor will ever accept this idea. At this level, intimacy must be perfectly respected. As for the ideal wearing time, every model comes with some specifications. Some lenses can be worn for short periods of time, while others are safe after years too. It depends on the model or manufacturer, but then, never exceed this time frame.