Fire extinguisher is an active tool which protect from fire, this tool controls fires at an initial level because the capacity of chemical in it is very limited basically these fire extinguisher testing training in Melbourne installed at home, offices, schools or the places which are not huge. If it is in the house each member who lives in the house should know where the extinguisher is fixed in case of emergency.  

There are 8 types of fire extinguisher  

  1. Water 
  2. Carbon dioxide 
  3. Dry chemicals  
  4. Wet chemical  
  5. Clean agent 
  6. Dry powder 
  7. Water mist 
  8. Cartridge operated dry chemical 

All are the above types of fire extinguisher which work same to stop fire but each formula is different from other.  

Fire extinguisher training is very important for every individual to keep the house or office safe from fire because fire is very dangerous thing if fire spread out it destroys everything which is harmful yet dangerous not only for the one who living there in fact for the people who are in the surrounding. 

 Fire extinguisher training must be given in schools, colleges and offices because people should know how to rescue themselves and protect others who are in the surrounding. In schools, students should know how to use fire extinguisher this will be the initial stage where they learn how to operate an extinguisher in case of emergency and this training they will remember for the life. 

Fire extinguisher training must be given to the people who work in  restaurants or any fire related jobs for them this training is necessary because anything could be happen precaution is better than cure. Most of the companies understand the value of fire extinguish training and train their employs even they send their employs or arrange in house training program for them. 

The purpose of the training is to make environment safe and risk free place where everyone can work without any tension. Through this training people learn how to cope up with the fire without doing any panic and hustle. 

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