Clinical examination is a complete check-up of the patient from head to toe and knowing the history of the patient. Most of the time when the patient visit to the doctors they themselves don’t know what they are going through and what is happening with them they are almost clueless the only thing which they know is how and what they are feeling. Through the feelings, the doctor recognized what they actually going through.

The reason why the clinical examination is lengthy:

The reason for lengthy clinical examination is the patient’s history in detail and detailed checkup which takes time. Patient’s life is more important than the time. That’s why doctor take an appointment so that they can give time to the patients because doctors life is hectic where they don’t have enough time for themselves as well. In clinical examination, doctors do the noninvasive assessment of the patient.

Patient’s history:

Most of the time and most of the disease are curable and never come back but at times it happens that old disease come back even after the decade but you are unable to figure it out what and why it is happening to them. Most of the heart patients face many complications in their lives even they themselves are not enabled to diagnose. When a patient visit to the hospital for the clinical check-up, there are junior doctors who assist the doctor who note the whole history of the patient that what are they going through what disease they had in the past what is the routine what work they are doing and all the health issue which they had in the past. Above all the question asked from the patient to recognize the main disease.

Physical examination:

Most of the patients having pain in body and reason could be anything through physical examination where examiner do all the noninvasive assessment which include blood pressure check, heartbeat and x-ray.  Above assessment help the doctor to recognize the disease and this prognostic information help the doctors in the decision making for further treatment.

Important test:

After knowing the history and physical examination of the patients if the doctor finds out there is nothing and just a body pain which can be absolutely fine with the help of physiotherapy but if doctor doubt about any disease which require several tests, further treatment done according to the test reports.


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